GYRY06H Asphalt Emulsion Plant

Equipment for Construction Material Production, Highway Maintenance Solution, Bitumen Manufacturing Plant

GYRY06H series asphalt emulsion plant adopts the structure of a container, which makes it easy to be transferred between different construction sites. With an efficient heat exchanger and automatic control system, the asphalt production machine is able to produce all kinds of asphalt emulsions at high efficiency.

Technical Parameters
Model: GYRY06H
Total power: 30kW
Emulsifier speed: 2900rpm
Emulsifier power: 15kW
Heating power for heat transfer oil: 9kW
Burner power: 10×10⁴kCal/h
Heat transfer area: 15m²
Emulsified asphalt fineness: <5μm
Production capacity: 6t/h
Weight: 4.5t
Dimension: 4700×2150×2330mm (L×W×H)

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