• Slurry Paver for Pavement Micro-Surfacing Treatment (with Fibered Asphalt Emulsion)
  • Chip Spreader for Chip Seal Surface Treatment (with Rubberized Asphalt)
  • Chip Spreader for Coating Waterproof Membrane on Concrete Bridge Deck
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine for Pavement Repairing
  • Slurry Paver for Pavement Cape Seal Treatment
About Gaoyuan

Gaoyuan is an expert road maintenance and construction solution provider since its inception in 2004. As the requirements in highway maintenance market rise, Gaoyuan is well-positioned to deliver premium equipment against the increasingly challenges. We are now providing a complete range of machinery for pavement resurfacing, highway construction, asphalt distribution, and bitumen production. Read More

    1. Asphalt Distributor Truck
    2. Our asphalt distributor is an indispensable piece of road maintenance equipment which designed to spray emulsified asphalt, diluted hot heavy-duty and high viscous modified ...
    1. Chip Spreader with Chip Seal Surface Treatment
    2. Gaoyuan synchronous chip sealer is a type of road maintenance machine primarily used for sealing surface, bridge waterproof and lower seal coat. ...
    1. Slurry Seal and Micro-surfacing Equipment
    2. Our cold slurry patcher can be self-propelled, trailed or hauled, and automatically calculate consumption of materials in accordance with the pit area due to its automatic ...
    1. Asphalt Production Equipment
    2. As shown in the above pictures, we offer customers several types of asphalt plant, including emulsion modified plant and intelligent rubber etc. ...
    1. Road Maintenance Equipment
    2. We offer customers a wide variety of products, including road sweeper machine, shot blaster, chip spreader, tunnel cleaning machine, and more.
    1. Municipal Equipment
    2. Gaoyuan snow plough, which is mounted on the front of the truck, can shovel the snow cover and compacted snow away directly.