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Micro Paving Slurry Seal Equipment

Our micro paving slurry seal trucks are mainly used to fix pavement surface problems such as reduced friction, cracks, and rutting. In order to improve road friction, pavement evenness, and driving comfort, the micro surfacing pavers can be matched with construction methods like slurry sealing, modified slurry sealing, micro surfacing, etc.

The micro paving slurry seal truck is made up with a chassis, feed system, mixing system, paving system, power system, and control system.

  • Aggregate Bin Volume: 10000-13000 liters
  • Emulsion Tank Volume: 3700-4000 liters
  • Water Tank Volume: 3700-4000 liters
  • Liquid additive Tank Volume: 400 liters
  • Filler tank volume: 2*0.5m3
  • Paving Width: 2500-4300 mm

Gaoyuan manufactures custom micro surfacing pavers, a series of micro surfacing pavers are listed below.

  • 1. Truck cab
    Micro Paving Slurry Seal Equipment

    Gaoyuan can match truck cab & chassis from different brands based on your requirements. We can assemble the whole truck if you have a preferred truck model or you can simply tell us your application conditions and we will assemble the perfect fit truck cab via our experience.

  • 2. Working System
    Micro Paving Slurry Seal Equipment

    Our working system includes tanks, a pump, feeding system, and mixing system. We also provide custom tank sizes according to your specific situations such as an aggregate bin, emulsion tank, water tank, and liquid additive tank.

  • 3. Trailer or Chassis
    Micro Paving Slurry Seal Equipment

    The trailers are custom manufactured according to the size of the working system. We can also customize the chassis based on different truck cab mounting methods.

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