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Chip Spreader Truck Asphalt Distributor, Chip Sealer

Asphalt Emulsion Sprayer Truck Automatic Asphalt Distributor

The asphalt chip sealer distributor truck is designed for evenly spraying liquid asphalt, including asphalt with optional fiber materials added. It can also stone chips on the pavement. This truck is made up of a chassis, asphalt distribution system, chip distribution system, power system, and mixing system. Gaoyuan can provide you with complete truck customization including chassis and trailer.

As picture shows
Asphalt Emulsion Sprayer Truck Automatic Asphalt Distributor

Picture 1 shows the thickness of asphalt layer before spraying chips

Picture 2 shows the thickness of asphalt layer after spraying chips

Picture 3 shows the rising height of asphalt after spraying

Picture 4 shows the thickness of the asphalt after compacting with traffic

  • Asphalt Tank Volume: 6000-8000 liters
  • Aggregate Bin Volume: 10000-14000 liters
  • Fiber Tank Volume: 1.5T
  • Spray Medium: Modified asphalt, hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, rubberized asphalt
  • Spray Width: 200-6000mm
  • Aggregate Size: 3-30mm
  • 1. Truck cab & chassis
    Plastic Extruder Machine

    Gaoyuan can match truck cab & chassis from different brands according to your requirements. We can assemble the whole truck based on your preferred truck model or you just need to tell us your application details and we will assemble the perfect fit truck cab.

  • 2. Working System
    Plastic Extruder Machine

    Our working system includes a chip distribution system, asphalt distribution system, pump, control board, and heating system. We also provide custom tank sizes and spraying width based on your specific situation.

  • 3. Trailer or Chassis
    Plastic Extruder Machine

    The trailers are custom manufactured according to the size of the working system. We can also customize the chassis based on different truck cab mounting methods.

A series of asphalt chip sealer distributor trucks are listed below.

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