GYRY10A Asphalt Emulsion Plant

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GYRY10A asphalt emulsion plant is our newly developed asphalt emulsion equipment that has won national patent (patent No. ZL00226275.4.). It is designed to produce emulsified asphalt for use in express highway construction and road maintenance projects.

Technical Specifications of Asphalt Emulsion Plant
Model GYRY10A
Max Capacitance 50kWh
Power of Emulsifier 30kW/22kW
Rotation Speed of Emulsifier 2900rpm
HTF Electric Heating Power 9kWh
Power of Burner 2.0×105kcal/h
Heat Transfer Area 27㎡
Fineness of Emulsified Asphalt < 5μm
Productivity 10t/h
Weight 8t
Overall Dimensions 5660×2560×2150mm (L×W×H)

1. Our asphalt emulsion plant is settled on a foundation, which is convenient to remove and suitable for working in the field. It can be equipped with a water heater or HTF coil heating device to heat the emulsion on the construction site.
2. This asphalt emulsion equipment uses an automatic control system to automatically monitor and regulate asphalt content in emulsified asphalt. In addition, it adopts two emulsion tanks to mix the materials and drain water in turn for continuous production. Compressed air drives fluid flow which is governed by the pneumatic valve, thus reducing labor intensity.
3. A high efficiency plate heat exchanger is first used to cool the finished emulsified asphalt so as to improve emulsified asphalt storage stability, and then used to heat the cooling water for producing emulsified asphalt, which saves clear water heating expense for lower production cost and makes the process environment friendly and energy saving.
4. The rotation speed of the asphalt pump is controlled by a frequency governing motor, and the emulsion flow rate is regulated by a valve (displayed by the flow meter). Therefore, asphalt content in emulsified asphalt (ratio of asphalt to water) can be accurately and stably controlled.
5. HTF heating system is equipped to warm all the pumps before production, which is easy and convenient to replace baking with blowtorch.
6. The temperature of HTF heating system and water heating system is automatically controlled.
7. All the parts that come into contact with the emulsion are made of qualified stainless steel, which are wear resistant and corrosion resistant, ideal for emulsified asphalt production.
8. The emulsion fineness is less than 5μm.

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