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Municipal Equipment

    1. Snow Plough
      Gaoyuan snow plough, which is mounted on the front of the truck, can shovel the snow cover and compacted snow away directly.
    1. Truck Mounted Snow Blower
      The YDSB0824 snow blower is special equipment for fast snow removal, specially developed by Gaoyuan Road Group.
    1. Truck Mounted Rotary Broom
      The YDSS0826 snow sweeper includes snow brush, main frame, mounting rack, support arm, hanging rack, hydraulic power unit, large support wheel.
    1. Road Ice Breaker
      The YDIB0825 ice breaker has main frame, connecting frame, support arm, hanger, ice breaking unit, hydraulic power unit, storage frame and control system.
    1. Crack Filling Equipment
      The GYGF380A crack filling machine exists for filling cracks on the road surface, which is independently researched and developed by our company.
    1. Crack Sealing Melter
      The GYGF380B crack filling machine is our patented product designed for the repairs of road surface. It is capable of mending the cracks or ruts to prevent the water.
    1. Asphalt Pavement Slot Cutter
      The GYKC300 asphalt pavement slotting machine works with the Kohler 25HP engine with triple air filter for severe working conditions.
    1. Walk-Behind Asphalt Milling Machine
      The walk-behind asphalt milling machine for surface pre-treatment cannot only eliminate coating marks but also make slight rough treatment to the road pavement.