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Walk-Behind Asphalt Milling Machine

The walk-behind asphalt milling machine has high power Kohler engine with stable performance. It is effective and efficient to treat the pavement troubles and also to make the pavement plain and even. It also helps to maintain the original horizontal elevation of pavement surface.

The milling depth is controllable in the walk-behind asphalt milling machine. The milled clean materials in regular grain shape can be recycled with no need to break again reducing costs and preserving environment. It improves the adhesion ability between old surface and new layers prolonging pathway service life

The walk-behind asphalt milling machine for surface pre-treatment cannot only eliminate coating marks but also make slight rough treatment to the road pavement. It also removes the old surface layers improving adhesion and making surface pre-treatment for slurry seal and bridge waterproof seal.

Specifications of the Walk-Behind Asphalt Milling Machine
Model GYSX238QA
Overall power 18.3 KW
Milling width 238 mm
Cutter rotation diameter 270 mm
Single milling depth ≤3 mm
Weight 180 Kg
Dimensions 1400 × 600 × 1050 mm
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