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Asphalt Pavement Slot Cutter

The GYKC300 asphalt pavement slotting machine works with the Kohler 25HP engine with triple air filter for severe working conditions. It has also imported automatic overload clutch electrical screw with patented technology of stable and reliable performance.

The asphalt pavement slotting machine is made of high-quality materials, innovated structure and specially-processed cutters with National Patent No. ZL200620078489.5. The old cutters can be replaced improving the asphalt pavement slotting machine service life. Also, it can control slotting from 0 to 30 mm width through different cutters combination.

The asphalt pavement slotting machine has an innovating and exclusive crack tracing indicator, able to keep the cutters along irregular cracks. It's applied to cut asphalt and cement pavement into requested dimension for construction or maintenance purposes.

Specifications of the Asphalt Pavement Slotting Machine
Engine power 18 Kw
Fuel tank 22 L
Cutters number 6
Slotting width 12.5-50 mm
Slotting depth 0-30 mm
Weight 248 Kg
Dimensions 950 × 800 × 1500 mm
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