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YDSP1510L Sand and Salt Spreader Truck

Gaoyuan sand spreader is a machine that helps melt snow by spreading the snow-melting agents like sand, salt and calcium chloride solutions, thus keeping traffic flowing and the roads clear. It is usually applied to the snow removal work of high-level roads, urban roads, squares and roads in airports and scenery spots.

There are three working modes of our snow-melting agent spreader
1. Spreading the pre-wetted solution of liquid snow-melting agents and solid snow-melting agents or wear-proof materials;
2. Spreading snow-melting agents like fossil salt;
3. Spreading wear-proof materials like sands.

Technical Specifications of Sand Spreader
Product model YDSP1510L
Auxiliary engine power 21KW
Storage hopper volume 10m3
Solution tank volume 2800L
Spreading width 2-10m(2m,4m,6m,8m,10m)
Spreading volume snow-melting agent, 5~40g/ m2; sand, 40~250 g/ m2
Max. working speed 60 km/h
Dimensions (mm) 6260×2135×1932

External View

Parts of Sand Spreader
No. Parts Remarks
1 Power supply unit Engine, hydraulic system, fuel tank, and control center
2 Anti-bridging device
3 Hydraulic oil tank
4 Chain conveyor Unlimited orbit type
5 Bumper guard
6 Calcium chloride solution tank
7 Solution filling port One for each side
8 Installing and dismantling holder
9 Top cover Both two sides
10 Adapter junction box
11 Warning lights
12 Motor for top covers
13 Feed gate and its cylinder
14 Working lights
15 Safety hook
16 Driving device for chain conveyor
17 Spreader
18 Solution discharging port
19 Inspection ladder Foldable
20 Feeding starvation sensor
21 Solution pump
22 Materials hopper
23 Lifting lug Fastened to the truck
24 Safety screen

As an experienced sand spreader manufacturer in China, we at Gaoyuan are dedicated to providing reliable and economical products to customers worldwide. In addition to sand spreader, we also offer asphalt distributor, micro surfacing paver, asphalt plant, and more, which are CE and CCC certified. As a result of our high quality products and dependable service, we have been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
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