GYXL3515 Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Rubber Plant, Bitumen Processing Equipment, Machinery for Construction Material

GYXL3515 crumb rubber modified asphalt plant is designed for the production of rubberized asphalt. In China, rubber asphalt product has found wide applications in road construction projects for it helps to reduce the noise on road and provides a solution for waste tires, as well as reduces cost on road maintenance.

GYXL3515 asphalt production equipment employs computer control, which allows for high precision. The asphalt it produces is of high-temperature stability, aging resistance, and high durability. Both automatic and manual operation systems are available for a stable, continuous, and efficient production. The machine meets various construction conditions and is extensively applied in highway construction projects.

Technical Parameters
Model: GYXL3515
Premix tank volume: 700L
Reactor volume: 2x15m³
Power of heat transfer oil furnace: 120x10⁴kCal/h
Production capacity: 10-15t/h
Screw machine capacity: 0~6t/h (crumb rubber)
Matrix asphalt heating manner: heat transfer oil
Burner capacity: 2x20x10⁴kcal/h
Reactor heating manner: heat transfer oil and imported diesel burner
Heat transfer oil furnace dimension: 6000x2500x2800mm
Premixing system for fed materials: 7200x2500x3000mm
Reactor dimension: 10700x2500x2800mm
Control room: 3000x2500x2600mm

Main Features
1. The ratio of crumb rubber and asphalt can be set as needed
2. Production volume of each cycle can be set freely within the max productivity
3. Accuracy of the weighing system is no more than 2%
4. Rapid heating and good insulation guarantees quality of crumb rubber modified asphalt
5. High mixing efficiency provides guarantee for the asphalt mixing and storage process
6. A powerful homogenizing device is available in the tank to prevent the materials from segregation, precipitation and swelling
7. The heat transfer oil with an efficiency of 10-15℃/ h cuts on the time needed for preheating
8. The static insulation index is no more than 12℃/8h
9. Stainless steel plates are adopted for packaging for corrosion resistance
10. The frame structure makes the equipment easy to be moved and assembled

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