GYXL1608 Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Plant

Welcome to our website! We at Gaoyuan are an experienced intelligent asphalt rubber plant manufacturer, located in China. The product shown in the picture is our GYXL1608 asphalt rubber plant, which mainly consists of rubber powder batching system, fast heating-up device, reaction kettle, and automatic electrical control system. Having the advantages of high mixing efficiency, conduction oil heating, corrosion resistance and ease of use, our products are very popular with customers all over the globe.

Technical Parameters, Configurations of Intelligent Asphalt Rubber Plant
Item Parameters Unit
Model GYXL1608
Productivity 6-8 t/h
Total Installed Power 100 Kw
Fast Heating-up Device Heating capacity 80x104 kcal
Heat exchange area 32 m2
Heat exchange coefficient 25(20t/h)
Measuring Precision ≤0.5 %
Rubber Powder Charging System Measuring precision ≤0.5 %
Max. capacity of helical feeder 10 m3/h
Base Asphalt System Max. flow rate 1300 l/min
Rubber Powder & Asphalt Mixer Mixer rotary speed 2900 rpm
Mixer power 11 kw
Reaction Kettle Heating power of burner 20x104 kcal
Kettle capacity 17.5 m3
Max. conveying capacity of asphalt rubber pump 40 m3/h
Mixing speed 198 rpm
Mixing power 11 kw

Working Principle
Using McDonald preparation and production technologies, rubber powder scattering and measuring feeding system can prevent rubber powder charging from being affected by charging time and powder lump, thereby ensuring continuous supply of rubber powder to the mixing and cutting device, where the mixing will be completed with the heated and metered asphalt through fast heating-up system and measuring device and pipelines. After mixing, asphalt and rubber mixtures will be conveyed to reaction kettle with heating and mixing device by large displacement asphalt rubber pump for full swelling reaction. Finally, the finished asphalt rubber will be pumped to the required places.

Working Process
Main Components, Functions of Intelligent Asphalt Rubber Plant
Components Functions, Technical Data
Rubber Powder Batching System Consisting of hopper, scattering device, batching screw and metering screw; conveying metered rubber powder to the rubber powder and asphalt continuous mixing and high-speed cutting device; helical balance meters accurately; metering screw operates at a constant speed, an electrical proportional valve is used to regulate the batching screw.
Base Asphalt Heating-up Device Large heat exchanger of cross circulation transfers heat through HTF to heat up the base asphalt for 25-30℃ at the speed of 20t/h in the interval of heat exchanger circulation.
Rubber Powder & Asphalt Continuous Mixing and High-speed Cutting Device Mixing the metered rubber powder and asphalt with rotary speed up to 2900rpm; due to the use of our patented high-speed rotary cutting technology it can scatter the aggregates and distribute the rubber powder evenly in the binders.
Reaction Kettle Mixture reaction vessel; specially-designed mixer prevents asphalt rubber from segregation in the tank, contributing to complete mixture reaction; speeding up heat transfer to make full use of heat energy for reduced production costs; double heating system and heat insulation device keep the required temperature for reaction; external HTF heats asphalt up rapidly.
Automatic Electrical Control System Controlling and monitoring the operations automatically; ergonomic design effectively reduces labor intensity.

Equipment Dimensions
1) Transportation clearance of asphalt rubber reaction kettle: L*W*H=11000*2500*2900
2) Transportation clearance of thermal oil boiler: L*W*H=6800*2500*2800

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