GYRY06F Asphalt Emulsion Plant

Machine for Bitumen Emulsion Production, Asphalt Manufacturing Equipment, Equipment for Asphalt Processing

Gaoyuan GYRY06F bitumen emulsion plant features wide asphalt range and stable emulsification quality, and has been widely applied in highway construction and road maintenance projects.

Technical Parameters
Model: GYRY06F
Total power: 30kW
Emulsifier power: 15kW
Emulsifier speed: 2900rpm
Heating power for heat transfer oil: 9kW
Burner power: 1.0×10⁴kCal/h
Heat transfer area: 15㎡
Emulsified asphalt fineness: <5μm
Production capacity: 6t/h
Weight: 4.5t
Dimension: 4700×2150×2330mm (L×W×H)

Main Features
1. It is convenient for this bitumen emulsion machine to move and work between different construction sites for all of the components of the equipment are fixed on one chassis
2. Stability of the products can be improved for the finished asphalt is cooled to room temperature by a high-efficiency heat exchanger. The cooled water can be recycled to cut on the production cost
3. Continuous production of the asphalt emulsion manufacturing machine is supported by double tank water supply and alternating drainage system. Liquid direction is controlled by the pneumatic valves powered by compressed air
4. The core part in asphalt production, emulsifier, is manufactured by Gaoyuan. It is made from special stainless steel, being corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant. The emulsification fineness is no more than 5μm
5. With a special adjustment device, an ultra-small gap can be kept between the stator and rotor
6. Speed of the asphalt pump is adjusted by frequency control motor; and liquid flow is controlled by valve and showed intuitively in a flow meter. Asphalt ratio in emulsified asphalt is controlled accurately
7. Heat transfer oil is heated individually by an electrical heating system, which is mainly used for pre-heating different pumps before the production
8. Automatic temperature control system is adopted for the heating system of heat transfer oil and water
9. All of the components that have direct contact with asphalt are made from stainless steel for corrosion prevention purposes. This equipment for asphalt emulsion production is suitable for asphalt of a wide range
10. Optional heat exchanger


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