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Road Sweeper Truck

Road Sweeper Truck

Road sweeper trucks are primarily used to remove debris such as concrete bleeding, clay and floating dust, as well as sweep the pavement milled by the milling machine. If the brush plate is replaced by nylon brush plate, road sweeper trucks can also be used for daily pavement sweeping.

Parameters of Road Sweeper Truck GYQS1500E:
No Parameter Unit Standard Details Reference
1 Power kw/rpm 30/2000
2 Sweep Width mm 1500+200
3 Brush Plate Diameter mm 480
4 Brush Plate Rotation Speed rpm 300
5 Pivot Angle of Brush Support ° ±15
6 Fan Speed rpm 2000
7 Travelling Speed km/h 0~15
8 Water Tank Volume L 125
9 Automobile Air Conditioning System / Air Conditioner with Cooling Function Only
10 Oil Consumption L/m2 4/10000
11 Total Weight kg 2300
12 Dimension mm 4450×1920×2700
  • The operator cab features an outstanding sealing performance and sound insulation performance. It is equipped with an automobile air conditioning system for better comfort.
  • The swing mechanism of hydraulic press can swing 15°to the left and right when sweeping.
  • A side brush is optional for sweeping dead areas that cannot be swept by the main brush, due to a curb or protective fence.
  • The air inlet of the air infiltration system of the engine is equipped with a pre-filtration device to prolong the engine service life.
  • The instrument panel will display the press amount of the brush on the right side, then the driver can directly observe the height between the brush and the ground in the operator cab. This reduces wear of the brush, and extends the service life.
  • The strong air from the blower system is able to blow away swept debris and dust on the pavement, leading to cleaner pavement and a higher work efficiency.
  • The electrical control system is equipped with a central electronics control unit to protect the electrical components in the event of a truck malfunction. As a result, it is extremely easy to carry out any repairs.

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