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Road Maintenance Truck

With mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, the multifunctional dump truck includes a traction chassis, an attached goose-neck crane, dump trunk, generator set, compressed air control system, interface for various attachments, rear power output, side power output, alarm and night lights, LED working screen, rear towing attachment, hydraulic power system, and electrical supply system.

The multifunctional dump truck is frequently used in emergency cases providing a power supply for small electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic tools and attachments, transportation for medium sized rescue facilities, and removal of small obstacles such as fallen trees, snow, etc. This compact truck with crane is designed to be convenient and safe to use.

Technical Specifications of the Multifunctional Dump Truck
Model HGY5140TYH
Chassis model CA22+8PK3BE5A80
Engine power 23.5kW
Max. speed 90km/h
Emission standard Euro IV
Max. lifting weight 3200kg
Dimensions 8100×2470×3080mm
Max. rear traction 5000kg
Illumination coverage radius 30-50m
Load capacity 5000kg
Max. air pressure 1.25MPa
Min. traveling speed 0.5-1.5km/h
Max. front hydraulic power output 15kW
Max. mid-rear hydraulic power output 20kW
Max. side-rear power output 7.5kW/380V; 2kW/220V

Features of the Multifunctional Dump Truck
1. Integrated hydrostatic and hydraulic power systems include an interface for connecting with auxiliary attachments.
2. Suitable for low speed construction work.
3. Goose-neck crane conveniently installs and switches out various attachments.
4. The multifunctional tool truck can easily prepare for and leave the job site with minimal traffic disruption.
5. Multiple functions in one machine reduces cost of initial investment.

Extended Options for Multifunctional Dump Truck
As Road Maintenance and Repair Truck
1. Binder spraying
2. Pile driving, guard rails repair
3. Special purpose maintenance work
4. Snow removal and winter sand spreading or salting

For Special Purpose Transportation
1. Traction
2. Material transportation
3. Dumping

As Landscape Truck for Greening and Cleaning Purposes
1. Tunnel cleaning
2. Green hedge trimming
3. Road cleaning
4. Guard rail cleaning
5. Road attachment cleaning

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