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Screening and Mixing Machine for Asphalt Emulsion

GYSB0530B sieving mixing machine is a kind of road maintenance machine primarily used to screen and mix aggregates for chip seal. It can also be used to wash aggregates if equipped with optional accessories.

Technical Specifications of Sieving Mixing Machine
Aggregates Graininess ≤30mm
Productivity 15~35t/h
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50 Hz
Gross Power 13 kWh
Weight 6t
Overall Dimensions 5600×1800×2800 (mm)

Our company is an ISO9001 certified sieving mixing machine manufacturer, located in China. In order to keep up with customers' needs, we offer a wide range of road maintenance equipment, such as road sweeper machine, shot blaster, snow plough, and more. As our products are reliable, economical and durable, they are very popular with customers from Poland, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, among other countries.
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