GYXL1606 Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Plant

Machinery for Asphalt Production, Making Tire into Asphalt, Construction Material Manufacturing Equipment

GYXL1606 asphalt plant is an ideal choice for manufacturing rubberized asphalt, which is a material widely used in construction projects. Controlled by computer system, it is highly easy-operated, reliable and precise. This bitumen processing plant is applicable in the continuous and efficient production of a comprehensive line of asphalt products. The asphalt it produces is of high-temperature stability, aging resistance, and high durability. With its performance having met various working conditions, GYXL1606 has been widely applied in highway construction projects.

Technical Parameters
Model: GYXL1606
Premix tank volume: 500L
Reactor volume: 15m³
Power of heat transfer oil furnace: 80×10⁴kcal/h
Production capacity: 6t/h
Screw machine capacity: 0~6t/h (crumb rubber)
Matrix asphalt heating manner: heat transfer oil
Reactor heating manner: imported diesel burner
Burner capacity: 20×10⁴kcal/h
Heat transfer oil furnace dimension: 6000X2500X2800mm
Premixing system for fed materials: 11200X2500X2900mm

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