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Asphalt Emulsion Plant

    1. GYRY10A Asphalt Emulsion Plant
      GYRY10A asphalt emulsion plant is our newly developed asphalt emulsion equipment that has won national patent (patent No. ZL00226275.4.).
    1. GYRY06F Asphalt Emulsion Plant
      Gaoyuan GYRY06F bitumen emulsion plant features wide asphalt range and stable emulsification quality, and has been widely applied in highway construction and road maintenance projects.
    1. GYRY06H Asphalt Emulsion Plant
      With an efficient heat exchanger and automatic control system, the asphalt production machine is able to produce all kinds of asphalt emulsions at high efficiency.
    1. GYRY10B Asphalt Emulsion Plant
      With the ability of producing a comprehensive range of asphalt products, RY108 emulsion plant has been widely applied in major road construction and maintenance projects.