Asphalt Distributor Truck GYLS1500

Gaoyuan Road Group has been researched and developed this GYLS1500 semi-automatic asphalt distributor with the knowledge and conviction that many years of experience can give to our team. Based on the facts of world development with different suburban road conditions the semi-automatic asphalt distributor is created to work in a practical, easy-operated and economical way. It is professional construction equipment specialized in spraying emulsified asphalt, base asphalt, hot modified asphalt and various binder.

To the semi-automatic asphalt distributor series have been applied the latest national and international technologies that ensure technical content of construction quality and improve structure conditions and environment. Each piece of the entire semi-automatic asphalt distributor goes to strict quality control to build stable and reliable equipment construction performance and ideal economical road maintenance as well.

Optimized design of every unit with key parts such as asphalt pump, auxiliary engine, air pump and others, have been added from well-known brands guarantying reliability of the whole semi-automatic asphalt distributor and extending its service life. It is mainly consisted of power unit, storage unit, air circuit, spray system and heating system.

Technical Parameters of the Semi-automatic Asphalt Distributor
Model GYLS1500
Spray Volume 10~20l/min
Tank Capacity 1500 L
Heating Method Diesel burner (caloric value 10×104 kcal/h)
Spray Media Base asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc.
Dimensions (L×W×H) 3350 × 1620 × 1560 mm

Power Unit of the Semi-automatic Asphalt Distributor
Changchai R180 engine runs with strong power, stable performance and simple operation ensuring reliable and stable performance of the semi-automatic asphalt distributor.

Storage Unit of the Semi-automatic Asphalt Distributor
Some components of this unit are tank, internal heat exchanging device, internal pipelines, insulation materials, frosted stainless steel boards and others. 80mm thick insulation fillers Rockwool preserves the heat. The overlapped parts of frosted stainless steel board are bent and wrapped to show nice appearance. It's durable and anti-corrosion, simple to clean.

Air Circuit of the Semi-automatic Asphalt Distributor
The air circuit includes air pump, air bag, control valve, air tubes and so on. Sufficient air from air pump ensures the jet burner and cleaning air circuit to work reliably.

Spray System of the Semi-automatic Asphalt Distributor
Spray at low pressure keeps the operators, equipment and environment away from pollution. 5 meters long heat resistant rubber hose covers the working area. If diesel is filled through the inlet in the pipeline is possible to clean leftovers with the high pressure air.

Heating System of the Semi-automatic Asphalt Distributor
A jet burner of high heating efficiency speeds up the heating. The tail gas could be recycled to heat the asphalt to prevent pump stuck caused by low temperature.

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