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Rubberized Asphalt Distributor Truck

Brief Introduction
The HGY5255GLQ automatic asphalt rubber distributor is equipped with a high turbulence mixer within the asphalt tank to prevent asphalt rubber from separating. The highly efficient heating device eliminates downtime involved with waiting for the material to heat up. The special spray system is designed to automatically regulate the spray volume according to the speed of the asphalt truck.

This rubberized asphalt sprayer is optimally designed to adapt to any working condition and is suitable for not only spraying rubberized asphalt but also emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt, hot asphalt, heavy duty asphalt and high viscosity modified asphalt.

Main Technical Parameters of the Automatic Asphalt Rubber Distributor
Product model HGY5255GLQ
Chassis model ZZ1257M4647D1
Spray width 200-4500mm
Spray volume 0.2-3.0 kg/m2
Asphalt tank volume 13000L
Asphalt heating mode Imported diesel oil burner
Spray media Asphalt rubber, hot (modified) asphalt, cutback asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc.
Spray precision ±1.5%
Total weight 25000kg
Overall dimensions L×W×H=10735×2496×3820 (mm)

Components and Structures of the Automatic Asphalt Rubber Distributor
The HGY5255GLQ asphalt rubber distributor mainly consists of a tractor unit, asphalt spray system, air circuit system, water circuit system, speed measuring system and power supply system.

The tractor unit of the asphalt rubber distributor adopts a Sinotruck HOWO chassis, which has the advantages of a large bearing capacity, lower fuel consumption, easy operation and reliable breaking.

Heat Oil System
1. The coil realizes hot oil circulation from the heat oil furnace inlet and outlets through the heat oil pipeline to heat the asphalt in the tank and pipeline.
2. The heat oil pump forces the heated oil throughout the system.
3. A fire tube boiler is the heat source used to raise and maintain the temperature of the oil in circulation.
4. An expansion tank supplies enough space for fluid expansion when the oil is heated. Water and air from heated oil are separated and eliminated through this tank. The air hole in this tank bridges the heat oil system and external space to make an atmospheric system with low cost and safe performance.
5. An imported diesel dual burner is installed on the asphalt rubber distributor to heat the HTF interlayer of the tank fire tube. All the nozzles and asphalt pipes are heated by HTF cycles to ensure the smooth cycle of asphalt. High heating efficiency and short preheating standby time reduce the auxiliary time of construction.

Spray System
The rubberized asphalt spray system is made up of the asphalt tank, asphalt pipeline, asphalt pump, asphalt filter, spray unit and nozzle carrier lifting device.

1. The asphalt tank has an insulation layer with thickness of 100mm to preserve the temperature of heated asphalt. It is likely to improve heating efficiency and reduce auxiliary construction time to maintain ideal spray temperatures.
2. The asphalt pipeline is used to deliver asphalt to the nozzle shell or start major and minor cycles: asphalt tank – pipeline – asphalt pump – pipeline – asphalt tank.
3. The asphalt pump is a power unit that pumps asphalt through the pipeline of the system.
4. An asphalt filter element is equipped to remove foreign matter from the asphalt so as to protect the pump.
5. The spray unit of the automatic asphalt rubber distributor has a fast acting piston that completes the turning on/off of the nozzles by means of its straight reciprocating motion. Each nozzle is controlled by a pressurized cylinder.
6. The nozzle carrier lifting device has two lifting cylinders to control nozzle carrier height.

Air Circuit System
The air circuit system consists of an air source (tractor unit), distribution air bags, a control valve, air tube, solenoid valve, and cylinder. The tractor provides plenty of air directly, which can guarantee the consistent working of the power system, chip spreader, asphalt spray and asphalt valve group and waterway system.

Water Circuit System
The water circuit system of the asphalt rubber distributor is composed of a water tank, filter, solenoid valve, control valve, water pipe, water spray frame, and water nozzle. The water nozzles are installed on the upper part of each tire, which effectively prevents asphalt adhesion on the tires during operation.

Control System
1. Automatic control of the spray volume and walking speed according to the spray capacity.
2. Spray volume can be changed via computer in the cab, the procedure can automatically adjust itself.
3. The accurate control of the asphalt pump displacement makes the spray volume error ±1.5%.
4. Easy switch between manual and automatic modes.
5. The asphalt and chips spray width can be easily adjusted.
6. The asphalt rubber distributor can be controlled in cab or at the back operating platform of the equipment.

Speed Measuring System
The speed measuring system primarily consists of a power supply, radar detector, signal conversion device and an output device. It uses a 24V DC inverter power supply to prevent any electrical system overload.

The system features an outstanding anti-interference capability, water resistance, and shock resistance.

Power Supply System
The power takeoff has key parts (hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, lifting hydraulic cylinder, asphalt pump, heat oil pump, gas control valve, proportioning valve, automatic control system, velocity radar, etc.) that are all qualified to guarantee the reliability of the asphalt rubber distributor and prolong service life.

Mixing Device
A strong mixing device is required for rubberized asphalt sprayers to make sure that the material is mixed evenly and to avoid separation. (Patent No: 200520078498X)

Advantages of the Asphalt Rubber Distributor
1. This asphalt equipment reduces the construction labor intensity, budget constraints, and resources and it improves work efficiency and quality.
2. The automatic asphalt distributor gets its force from the tractor power.
3. Excellent insulation, anticorrosion abilities and durability.
4. This equipment uses high precision nozzles to ensure spray consistency.
5. The equipment operation can be controlled remotely but also has onboard controls.

Key Components of the Asphalt Rubber Distributor
1 Chassis SINOTRUK HOWO China National emission standard stage four
2 Asphalt tank Shenggong China 100mm insulating layer
3 Steel flange globe valve Beifang China
4 Pneumatic Angle seat valve GEMü or Burkert Germany
5 Touch Screen MCGS China
6 Asphalt Pump JOHNSON Belgium
7 Heat oil pump JOHNSON Belgium
8 Asphalt pump motor SAI or iNi Italy/China
9 Heat oil pump motor SAUER DANFOSS/White Demark/USA
10 Burner Beckett Italy 24VDC
11 speed measuring radar DICkEY-john USA
12 PLC control system IDEC Japan
13 Hydraulic servo pump SAUER DANFOSS USA
14 Sealing elements DICHTOMATIK Germany
15 throttle valve Parker Germany
16 Transducer Koyo China
17 Cylinder Fsh China
18 Air Control Assembly Valve JPC China
19 Air Treatment Components AIRTAC Taiwan
20 hydraulic gear pump TJ China
21 Mixer motor Eaton China