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Slurry Paver for Fibered Asphalt Emulsion, HGY5311TFCST

Asphalt Maintenance Equipment, Slurry Seal Truck, Pavement Surfacing Machine, Equipment for Microsurfacing Treatment

HGY5311TFCST slurry paving machine for fibered asphalt emulsion is an ideal choice in road maintenance and rehabilitation projects for improving road resistance, repairing potholes, and eliminating rutting. It has been widely applied in diluted slurry, modified asphalt and micro-surfacing treatment.

Technical Parameters
Model: HGY5311TFCST
Emission standards: Euro V
Fiber hopper volume: 0.2m³
Fiber feeding speed: ≤3.5kg/min
Mixer discharging speed: ≤3.5t/min
Paver box width: 2.5-4.3m
Aggregate hopper volume: 12m³
Slurry tank volume: 4m³
Water tank volume: 4m³
Additive tank volume: 400L
Filler tank volume: 2×0.4m³
Min driving speed: 1km/h
Total weight: 31000kg
Dimension: 11820×2496×3490mm

Main Features
1. With an intelligent operation system, the slurry paving equipment is able to detect the surrounding environment and material, and to adjust the parameters automatically. It can also record the construction process and the parameters. Both automatic and manual operating systems are available
2. The modified auxiliary engine joins with multiple independent hydraulic systems to provide sustainable power for the paver
3. An advanced mixing device with high-strength, highly corrosion resistant blade ensures good mixture quality. Angle of where the materials are discharged is adjusted according to road slope
4. Aggregate is transported smoothly and stably with an effective transmission system comprised of hopper, vibration absorber and belt conveyor
5. A patented fiber supply system is introduced for the slurry paver to cut the fiber uniformly and accurately
6. The paver box is equipped with a double-row screw propeller to mix the slurry well and prevent them from segregation. The automatic retractable structure meets different construction needs

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