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    Gaoyuan is an expert road maintenance and construction solution provider since its inception in 2004. As the requirements in highway maintenance market rise, Gaoyuan is well-positioned to deliver premium equipment against the increasingly challenges. We are now providing a complete range of machinery for pavement resurfacing, highway construction, asphalt distribution, and bitumen production. Read More

    Our Road Maintenance Equipment

    Gaoyuan offers a wide array of road machinery, including road maintenance equipment, and bitumen and asphalt production equipment. We first began manufacturing road maintenance equipment in 2004, and have consistently developed our products, ensuring the road machinery meets complete road construction and maintenance needs.

    Asphalt distributor truck can be used for seal coat, prime coat, surface treatment of asphalt, asphalt injection pavement, fog seal, as well as the transportation of fluid asphalt and other heavy oil.

    Chip seal truck is used for evenly distribution of the fluid asphalt and clean dry chip on the road. Chip seal truck is mainly composed of base plate, asphalt distribution system, chip distribution system, gas path system, water path system, control system, radar speed measurement system, dynamic system and mixing system.

    Micro surfacing paver is mainly used to handle the problems on the pavement surface, like reduced friction, cracks, groove, in order to increase the friction, water resistance , evenness and driving comfort. Micro surfacing paver can be widely used for construction technologies like common slurry seal, modified slurry seal and micro surfacing.

    Gaoyuan Road Equipment is used to produce emulsified asphalt and rubber asphalt. We can resign the volume of Gaoyuan road equipment listed below depending on clients’ needs.

    Gaoyuan can offer clients a range of equipment for road maintenance, like sweeping, maintenance, crack filling and sealing, etc. Besides, we can also offer clients customized road maintenance equipment.

    Gaoyuan offers pavement contractor aggregate screening plant to filter and spread the aggregate. Besides, module design is adopted to be convenient for transferring.

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