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Slurry Seal / Micro-surfacing Paver, HGY5319TFC

Pavement Maintenance Machine, Asphalt Paving Equipment, Slurry Paver, Micro-Surfacing Equipment

HGY5319TFC micro-surfacing paver is mainly used for improving road resistance, repairing potholes, and eliminating rutting as a solution for road rehabilitation. It is widely applied in diluted slurry, modified asphalt and micro-surfacing treatment.

HGY5319TFC is a new type of road maintenance equipment developed by Gaoyuan. We have independent intellectual property right for this machine. With years' practice and modification, HGY5319TFC slurry paver has been an ideal choice for micro-surfacing projects.

Technical Parameters
Model: HGY5319TFC
Emission standards: Euro V
Chassis model: ZZ1317M3667E1 from CNHTC
Chassis motor power: 228kW/310hp
Auxiliary engine power: 119kW/160hp
Aggregate hopper volume: 12m³
Slurry tank volume: 4m³
Water tank volume: 4m³
Additive tank volume: 400L
Filler tank volume: 2×0.5m³
Paver box width: 2.5-4.3m
Mixer production capacity: ≤3.5t/min
Paving thickness: 3-15mm
Total weight: 31000kg
Dimension: 11690×2500×3500mm (L×W×H)

Main Features
1. The chassis features low oil consumption, little emission, and strong driving force. The slurry seal truck comes with both high and low gear. The high gear is designed for driving and the low one is used for construction
2. Large-power auxiliary engine
3. 6 independent hydraulic power supply systems are available for each system, which doesn't interfere with each other
4. Key parts are imported from trustworthy brands to ensure reliable quality
5. With centralized control, all of the operations are controlled by a platform. Users can start or stop the asphalt paver simply with one button
6. A unique aggregate hopper of large capacity allows for smooth material feeding
7. Construction quality is guaranteed by an effective alarming device which alerts when there is lack of material
8. An advanced mixing device with durable blade ensures good mixture quality. Angle of where the materials are discharged is adjustable according to road slope
9. The paver box adopting patented technology is equipped with a double-row screw propeller to mix the slurry well and prevent them from segregation. The automatic retractable structure meets different construction needs
10. High-pressure cleaning and water supply devices are available for maintenance of the paving equipment and for special construction needs

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