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Aggregate Spreader

Aggregate Spreader

Aggregate spreaders are specialized equipment for spreading aggregate, and we are able to customize these spreaders to meet specific customer needs.

Parameters of Aggregate Spreader GYSS1631J:
Model GYSS1631J
Spread Width 3100mm
The Number of Discharge Gates 16
The Particle Size of Aggregate 3~30mm
Spread Amount 0.5m3~50m3/km2
Dimension 1900mm(L)×2500mm(W)×2100mm(H)
  • The operator can individually control the 16 discharge gates. As a result, the spread width is easily adjustable.
  • The discharge gate is equipped with a micro-adjusting mechanism to adjust a single discharge gate, thus ensuring a uniform aggregate spread.
  • The operator can lift the hopper using the operator cab or operator console.
  • The aggregate spreader is equipped with a lighting system for operation at night.
  • The alarm limit switch will automatically alarm to warn the operator when the hopper is lifted to a certain height, ensuring construction safety.
  • The aggregate spreader is used to spread the aggregate within an area of 3-30mm by adjusting the inclination angle of the material separation plate and blanking panel.
  • The gas path system is equipped with a filtration system to remove the moisture and impurities, leading to a highly reliable gas path system.

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