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Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Plant 06 Type

Asphalt Emulsifier, Road Paving Asphalt Line, we are offering several types of asphalt emulsion machines

Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Plant 06 Type

With a capacity of 10-40 tons/h, the asphalt rubber blending system is specialized equipment for producing rubber asphalt. The horizontal reaction kettle is equipped with a spiral mixer to effectively prevent the separation of rubber and asphalt.

Parameters of Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Plant 15 Type GYXL3515:
Items Parameter Unit
Model GYXL3515
Capacity 10-15 (Can be expanded to 10-40 tons) t/h
Total Installed Power 150 kw
Fast Heating Device Heating Capacity 125×104 kcal
Heat Exchanger Area 2×32 m2
Heat Exchanger Capacity 50 (20t/h)
Measuring Accuracy ≤0.5 %
Rubber Powder Loading System Measuring Accuracy of Rubber Powder ≤0.5 %
Maximum Conveying Capacity of Spiral Conveyor 10 m3/h
Stone Matrix Asphalt System Maximum Flow Rate of Stone Matrix Asphalt 1300 L/min
Rubber Asphalt Blending System Blending Speed 2900 rpm
Blending Power 11 kw
Capacity R40 m3/h
Reaction Kettle Heating Power of Combustor 2×20×104 kcal
Volume of Reaction Kettle 2×17.5 m3
Maximum conveying Capacity of Rubber Asphalt Pump 40 m3/h
Blending Speed 198 rpm
Blending Power 2×11 kw
Dimensions of Standard Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Plant 06 Type (mm):
  • Transport dimension of rubber asphalt reaction kettle: L×W×H=10700×2500×2900
  • Transport dimension of heat conduction oil furnace: L×W×H=6800×2500×2800
  • Dimension of rubber powder loading and fast heating device: L×W×H=7200×2500×2600
  • Transport dimension of control room: L×W×H=3000×2500×2600
  • Batching System:
    Batching system is composed of hopper, beater, mixer and gauging device.
  • Asphalt Heating Device:
    The asphalt heating device is equipped with large area cross flow heat exchanger. The heat is exchanged by the heat conduction oil. The temperature of asphalt is increased by above 50℃ instantly when the asphalt flows through the heat exchanger.
  • Blending Shearing Device:
    With a maximium rotation speed of 2900 rpm, the blending shearing device is used to fully blend the rubber powder and asphalt. By this means, the rubber particles can be evenly distributed into the binder.
  • Reaction Kettle:
    The strong mixing in the reaction kettle can avoid the segregation of rubber asphalt. The reaction kettle is equipped with thermal insulation device to guarantee the temperature needed for the reaction. By this way, the asphalt can be heated faster.