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HGY5250TFC Chip Spreader with Asphalt Binder (For Chip Seal Surface Treatment)

Bitumen Distributor Truck, Vehicle for Highway Maintenance, Asphalt Binder Mixing Machine, Equipment for Asphalt Concrete Distribution

HGY5250TFC is a kind of road maintenance equipment for asphalt and chip spreading operations. Materials in the vehicle's hopper are mixed well for the best cohesiveness.

Technical Parameters
Model: HGY5250TFC
Chassis model: Delong SX1256DN434 from Shaanxi Automobile Group
Spray width: 3500mm
Spray volume: 0.2-3.0kg/㎡
Aggregate size: 3-25mm
Tank volume: 6m³
Hopper volume: 8m³
Asphalt heating device: imported diesel burner (calorific value: 2×10×10⁴kCal/h)
Material: modified bitumen, hot asphalt, rubberized asphalt, and emulsified asphalt
Total weight: 25000kg
Dimension: 9675×2500×3820mm (L×W×H)

Main Features
1. The asphalt spray truck helps a lot in improving working efficiency and reducing construction cost
2. The equipment works stably and sprays the material uniformly. Spray width can be adjusted freely
3. With an effective insulation approach, temperature of the tank will drop only 12℃ for each 8 hours (at moderate ambient temperature). The bitumen tank is corrosion resistant and highly durable
4. The highly consistent spray nozzles are designed to spray the materials uniformly
5. The bitumen distributor truck is rather user-friendly and can be operated remotely
6. Through several times of modification, our chip sprayer features reliable performance and convenient operation

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