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Chip Spreader Truck Asphalt Distributor, Chip Sealer 18 Type

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Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC

Gaoyuan has been in manufacturing road repair and maintenance equipment since 2004, and is a reliable chip seal distributor manufacturer and supplier. This chip seal truck HGY5318TFC is designed for spreading aggregate chips and spraying liquid asphalt to form pavement evenly, it is equipped two diesel burners to heat asphalt at a high speed. The aggregate is automatically conveyed to the double screw distributing device for spraying again by the spray bar, leading to a highly uniform spray. Therefore, this chip sealer combined with chip spreader and binder sprayer is for making asphalt pavement evenly.

Parameters of Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC:
Parameter Reference Details
Chassis Model ZZ3317N4667E1
Chassis Manufacturer SINOTRUK
Chassis Series HOWO
Chassis Engine Model D10.38-50
Chassis Engine Power (kw/hp) 276/380
Emission Standard National V
Wheel Base (mm) 1800+4600+1350
Total Weight (Kg) 31000
Auxiliary Engine Model YCD4J23T8-100B
Auxiliary Engine Power (kw/hp) 73.6/100
Asphalt Tank Volume (L) 8500
Feed Bin Volume (m3) 12
Spray Width (mm) 4200
Asphalt Spray Volume (kg/m2) 0.2-3
Aggregate Spray Volume (L/m2) 2-22
Asphalt Spray Precision 1%
Particle Size of Spraying Aggregate (mm) 3-25
Spray Medium Rubber asphalt, Modified asphalt, Hot asphalt, Emulsified asphalt
Heating Method Automatic temperature control of conduction oil heating
Heating Rate of Asphalt (℃/h) 20
Optimum Construction Speed (km/h) 3-6
Dimension (mm) (L×W×H) 11980×2500×3860
Please note: Semi-trailer and loader can be customized according to clients' needs.
Chassis(China HOWO National V Special Purpose Chassis)
  • High load
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Equipped with 276Kw (380 horsepower) engine for stronger power.
Work System:
  • Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC
    The asphalt tank is equipped with 2 diesel burners to achieve high combustion efficiency and high heat rate (≥20℃/h). Besides,autoignition and automatic temperature control system are equipped for safe and stable operation.
  • Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC
    The power of the hydraulic system is provided by the auxiliary engine for stable operation. Besides, the hydraulic system is independent from the main vehicle.
  • Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC
    The asphalt pump and heat conduction oil pump adopt JOHNSON brand for good performance of self-priming, wide range of speed, good sealing performance and stable flow rate.
  • Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC
    Each spray nozzle can guarantee the uniform spray and superior spraying effect.
  • Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC
    The asphalt tank is equipped with mixing device.
  • Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC
    The operator cab is equipped with construction monitoring system and automatic operation panel.


  • Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC
  • Chip Seal Distributor HGY5318TFC

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