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Road Maintenance Equipment

Are you tired of searching for quality road maintenance equipment? If YES, you can relax, because your search is over! We at Gaoyuan are an experienced road maintenance equipment manufacturer, located in China. We offer customers a wide variety of products, including road sweeper machine, shot blaster, chip spreader, tunnel cleaning machine, and more. Most of our popular road maintenance machines are shown on this page, so you can click on the specific product you are interested in to find more detailed information.

    1. Road Sweeper
      The GYQS1500E road sweeper is mainly applied to get rid of the solid foreign matters such as the bleeding cement and soil clod on the pavement path of road and bridge.
    1. Chip Spreader
      GYSS1631J chip spreader is a piece of patented road maintenance equipment that is newly-developed by our company.
    1. Aggregate Screening Equipment
      GYSJ0250C aggregate screen machine is a piece of patented road maintenance equipment, which is designed for micro surfacing construction.
    1. Road Maintenance Truck
      Integrated hydrostatic and hydraulic power systems include an interface for connecting with auxiliary attachments. Suitable for low speed construction work.

At Gaoyuan, we strive to satisfy our customers by providing high quality road maintenance equipment. To achieve this, we follow many quality control measures. For example, we utilize high precision equipment, employ highly skilled staff, work with renowned suppliers, and strictly inspect each production detail. As a result of our efforts, our road maintenance machines are reliable, durable, and CE, CCC certified.

In order to achieve total customer satisfaction, we provide superior service to our customers. We offer equipment installation, maintenance, repair, as well as staff training services. Our experienced staff will help resolve any problem you may encounter while using our products like asphalt distributors or asphalt plants.
If you have any queries with any product or service, please do not hesitate to contact us. OEM service is also available.