HGY5317TFCST Chip Spreader with Fibered Asphalt Emulsion Binder

Asphalt Distribution Truck, Bitumen Emulsion Spraying Truck, Highway Resurfacing Solution

HGY5317TFCST series chip spreader features aesthetic appearance, advanced manufacturing technique and user-friendly design. It is a new product we have developed by virtue of rich engineering experience.

Technical Parameters
Product: Chip Spreader with Fibered Asphalt Emulsion Binder
Model: HGY5317TFST
Emission standards: Euro V
Total weight: 31000kg
Dimension: 11950*2500*3870mm
Material: matric asphalt, modified asphalt, diluted bitumen, rubberized bitumen, and emulsified asphalt

Main Features
1. The adoption of an intelligent control system enables this bitumen sprayer truck to distribute materials accurately and uniformly. Construction parameters of different kinds can be adjusted as needed.
2. The vehicle employs both automatic and manual operation systems and operators can control the construction process in the cab
3. Performance of the equipment is powerfully guaranteed by a stable auxiliary engine and a patented hydraulic load sensing system
4. The fiber cutting and distribution device moves flexibly, and works precisely
5. The patented asphalt distribution equipment meets working conditions of various kinds
6. The new patented bitumen tank equipped with large-power burner and automatic temperature control system is of large volume and doesn't have to be washed. Temperature of the tank can rise in a short time

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