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Highway maintenance project is of crucial importance in ensuring road safety. It involves both corrective and preventative maintenance job like pothole repairing, road resurfacing, and crack sealing. Here at Gaoyuan, we are committed to providing a whole line of solutions for road maintenance and construction programs.

    1. Road Rutting Repair (Micro-Surfacing) Micro-surfacing paver is applied in repairing permanent road rutting whose depth is no more than 40mm, or for temporary treatment of road deformation.
    1. Waterproof Membrane on Concrete Bridge Deck Rubberized asphalt and aggregate with chip spreader on road surface functions to prevent water from penetrating into the bridge deck, and enhancing its cohesion and shear resistance.
    1. Asphalt Recycling Cold recycler is used for constructing the base and base course of highway and level 1 or 2 roads, or surface of level 3 or 4 asphalt pavement.
    1. Pavement Crack Sealing Asphalt crack sealing machine is designed for sealing the cracks of asphalt highway with certain structural strength and in good surface condition. The width of cracks is allowable within 3-25mm.
    1. Pavement Cape Seal Treatment Cape seal treatment means building a protective wear-resistant layer on chip seal by slurry paver with micro-surfacing and chip sealing technology.
    1. Preventive Pavement Maintenance Chip spreader can be applied in preventive road maintenance projects. To protect the roads against cracks and corrosion, and make them more slip resistant, we can apply stabilizer on top of a layer of small-sized aggregate.
    1. Road Noise Reduction (Micro-Surfacing) By employing material conductive to reducing noise, the pavement is given superior structure that promises to reduce the unpleasant sound came from the vibration and pumping of vehicles on the road.
    1. Highway Restoration Our asphalt paver is designed as a solution for serious highway damage. It produces perfused cement-asphalt mixture from large-pore asphalt and cement with modified asphalt emulsification technique.
    1. Pothole Repair For road repairing purposes, pothole patch truck employs multiplex organic hydraulicity (MOH) material to fix the potholes of concrete pavement, and repair the broken roads in emergency.
    1. Highway Bump Repair Repairing job for highway bump is accomplished with multiplex organic hydraulicity (MOH) material by asphalt paver.