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Aggregate Spreader Truck, GYSS1631B

Road Maintenance Truck, Chip Seal Surfacing Machine, Pothole Repairing Solution, Road Fixing Equipment

GYSS1631B is an ideal chip seal surfacing machine which can be used jointly with LS1362 asphalt spreader for road construction purposes. By virtue of rich engineering experience and the adoption of advanced technology both at home and abroad, the performance of GYSS1631B aggregate spreader rivals that of many other similar products on market.

Till now, GYSS1631B has been applied in many major projects like Hefei-Xuzhou High Speed, Hefei-Anqing High Speed, Shanghai Pudong Outer Ring Line, Huqingping Highway, Anhui-Hangzhou High-Speed, and Xi'an Beltway. With reliable performance, easy adjustment, and uniform spraying operation, GYSS1631B aggregate spreader has received good feedback among construction sectors and supervision departments.

Technical Parameters
Model GYSS1631B/J
Spray width 3100mm
Number of discharge outlet 16
Aggregate size 3~30mm
Spray volume 0.5m³~50m³/k㎡
Dimension 1900×2500×2100mm (L×W×H)

Main Features
1. The 16 discharge outlets are controlled individually, and the spray width is adjusted freely
2. Material hopper moves up and down under the control of operators in the cab or through the operator station
3. A complete illumination system enables the aggregate spreading machine to work at night
4. Construction security is guaranteed by an alarming device for hopper elevating
5. Between the truck and the electrical system, we have adopted a push-in structure for easy dismantle
6. With a micro-adjustment device, each discharge outlet can be controlled and adjusted separately, eliminating the local uneven problem that commonly occurs in traditional aggregate spreaders
7. A unique non-slip device is adopted for the roller to ensure the aggregate is discharged smoothly
8. For this aggregate spreading equipment, angle of the dispenser and discharger board is adjustable, making the machine applicable in spraying aggregate with a size of 3mm-30mm
9. GYSS1631B road maintenance truck is solidly structured while easily dismantled. Water vapor and impurity filter is equipped to make the system more reliable
10. Performance of the equipment is largely guaranteed by high-quality components

Remark: the model of truck chassis for the spreader is up to users' needs. Dongfeng EQ3208G is recommended

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